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"Well from now on they're on DOUBLE SECRET PROBATION!" ― Dean Wormer's most famous quote

"Mr. Blutarsky... Zero... Point... Zero..." ― Wormer telling Bluto about his grade point average

Dean Vernon Wormer is the main antagonist of the film National Lampoon's Animal House and it's television spin-off Delta House. He was the dean of Faber College, who put his entire focus on expelling the entire Delta Tau Chi fraternity from the college.

He was portrayed by the late John Vernon.


In 1962, Wormer had the Omegas help him find a way to expel the Deltas. He talks to their president, Greg Marmalard, and tells him that he decided to put the Deltas on "double secret probation."

The Omegas later switched a test so the Deltas would get all the answers wrong, and after Wormer visited them and threatened to expel them, the Deltas threw a Roman toga party. Afterward, Wormer decides to have a court hearing, and he has their charter revoked, and everything confiscated, including things they didn't steal.

After he sees how poor the Deltas' midterm grades are, he finally expels them. He even tells them that he notified their local draft boards, and they were now eligible for military service. Kent then throws up on the dean.

In retaliation, the Deltas crash the annual homecoming parade, terrorizing Wormer and the Omegas. Afterward, the Deltas went on bigger and better things, while Wormer and the Omegas did not.

Wormer remained in his position as dean for a while longer, but after accepting responsibility for the homecoming parade fiasco he got fired.

Later life[]

According to Marion in Where Are They Now?, Vernon admitted responsibility for the 1962 parade that erupted into bedlam. The university elected to fire him. Vernon Wormer struggled to find a career outside of education, having been thrust out of the "ivory towers" of academia. He struggled between periods of unemployment and bouncing around from job to job. This took a toll on his marriage, and Marion later admitted she divorced her husband for no longer being able to provide for her.

Vernon himself is later seen at a nursing home in Florida, under the watchful eye of a male caretaker. He appears to be senile, not recognizing Landis at first (calling him "Larry"), and not remembering his tenure as Dean of Faber College. However, when Landis mentions the Deltas, Wormer recalls his past, then erupts into a violent, profanity-laced tirade against the fraternity that cost him his job. He lashes out against the orderly and then physically attacks Landis, knocking out the camera in the process.